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Carpy’s Powered Online Stores

What Are Online Stores?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you think “If only I could get my brand on clothing” or maybe “I wish I could help this person in some way”? With online stores, created and powered by Carpy’s, those thoughts are totally attainable! Whether it’s offering tshirts, hoodies and hats for your schools spirit wear, event shirts for the next family reunion or a fundraising effort for the family member who’s done so much for you and now needs some help.

How it Works

Carpy’s works with you from the very beginning to make the design you have in your mind come to life! Even if you don’t have an idea yet, we’ll create one with you! Once we have a design you love we’ll work together to find the items you want to offer. From a reliable Port & Company 50/50 blend TShirt, a warm and comfy New Era winter cap, all the way to a Nike or Eddie Bauer jacket, we’ve got what you didn’t even know you’d want!
After the decision for items you’d like to offer in your store is finalized we’ll whip up pricing for everything so that you can begin to think of whether or not you’d like to have a mark-up or sell at the bottom line cost!
While you get time to decide on how you’d prefer to price items we will begin building your very own Online Store featured on Carpys.com! Every store is capable of showing the details of each item and allows you to browse sizing, color options and clear detailed photos of the print design. No more looking at a printed out black & white paper flyer trying to figure out what in the heck that word is on the front of the shirt!
When the online store is built we can then be sure that everything is set to the way you want! From the pricing to the stores run time, it is all how you’d like it.

We recommend running online stores for about 2 weeks to give people enough time to see your promotions and also let a payday happen sometime during the sale period!


Other awesome options included while building an online store include shipping/delivery options!

The options we offer are:

In-Store Pickup: Don’t pay for shipping, just select this option and you’ll receive a notification once we have it ready to pickup here at Carpy’s Custom Screen Printing

USPS Priority Shipping: The quickest shipping method for your buck which also includes tracking on your package

Send Product Home with Student: This is great for school stores which allows the creator of the store (or a specified person) to come and collect all of the orders which will be bagged and labeled with names and order numbers, to then be distributed to the corresponding students

Pickup by Designated Person: There will be a person designated before the opening of the store that will come and collect all orders that select this option which will be bagged and labeled with names and order numbers to then be distributed to those customers. This persons name will be listed in the description of the store front page and also in each items description

What is expected of you?

Let us know when you want to start selling and when you’d like to close it up and then the only thing you’re responsible for will be to promote, promote, promote! Post it on Facebook, send it in your group chat & let the person at the grocery store know to head over to Carpys.com and check out your specialized online store. Any and all talk or posting about it will ultimately increase the amount of people who know about it and therefore you’ve created a potential sale!

Printing & Packaging

Once the day comes that your online store has finished we will then close it up and begin processing then printing then shipping or bagging for pickup! This process takes approximately 2 weeks after the stores closing date. Once items are shipped or ready for pickup there is a notification sent to the email provided by each customer upon checkout.

We are always open to new and exciting opportunities to help someone get their brand out there or do some good with an inspiring awareness design! We welcome the weird, the practical and the philosophical! Tell us what you have in mind and let’s make it come to life!

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