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Blaney Dog

Meet the real head honcho of our team, The Big Boss Blaney Dog Carapellatti. Blaney might not have opposable thumbs, but he’s got a paw-some personality that makes him the true leader of the pack. While he doesn’t handle the paperwork, he’s the heart and soul of our team.

Derreck Carapellatti

Co- Owner / Graphic Design

Meet Derreck Carapellatti, the co-owner of Carpy’s who keeps our wheels spinning and graphics grinning! With his pedal to the metal and a knack for design, Derreck is the driving force behind our artistic endeavors.

Audra Carapellatti

Co-Owner / Office Manager

Audra Carapellatti, our co-owner, is the dynamo that keeps Carpy’s running like a well-oiled machine. With a side of chaos and a dash of laughter, of course! Audra’s role is all about making sure everything’s as smooth as possible.

Chris “Moe” Howard

Vinyl Graphics Production

Meet Chris “Moe” Howard, our vinyl production extraordinaire who’s as famous for his epic beard as he is for his goofy and loveable personality. Moe’s been with our team longer than we can remember, and his skills, combined with his quirks, make him truly unforgettable.

Seth Wildfire

Screen Printing Preparation / Production

Meet Seth Wildfire, our dedicated and visionary screen printer whose passion for the art of printing transcends the ordinary. With a keen eye for detail and a flair for turning concepts into vibrant realities, Seth is the driving force behind the magic that happens in our printing department.

Earl Provorse

Shipping / Embroidery Production / DTG Operator

Meet Earl, the newest addition to our team and the guy who’s taken over our embroidery and shipping departments. Earl brings a fresh positive perspective to the serious world of thread and logistics.

Evan Pilon

R/C Race Wrap Graphic Designer

Buckle up, folks, because Evan is not your average graphic designer; he’s the speedster of pixels and the maestro of R/C race wraps. When he’s not pushing pixels, he’s pushing the limits on the racetrack, leaving competitors in a cloud of virtual dust.

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