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Kickoff Classic 19′ | Carpy’s Recap

Track is ready to get the Kickoff Classic Started.
Entries: 110
Drivers: 80
Total Race Laps: 22,908

Customer Erik Steel going Through Tech.

It wouldn’t be a trip to The Gate without a pitstop to
Hot Head Burritos with Team Driver Wayne Gerber.

Fine looking pit setup for long time Carpy’s customer Dave Pence. Dave took home 2nd Place in the E-Main for Rubber Tire Truck.
The always professional Paul “Wogdog” Lee took home P2 in the C-Main of TOUR 21.5 Truck C-Main
Richard Decker a huge supporter of Carpy’s & wheel man of the #321 Rubber Tire Truck. Rich put many solid runs in with his sharply wrapped Mertz truck.

Erik “HorseDOG” Steel: Carpy’s Wrapped Rubber Tire Truck taking home P5 in RTT .
Clayton Smith: Running the Carpy’s Silverado Truck Headlight Decal Set.
Clayton was able to TQ & Win RTT.
Team Driver Jeff Carapellatti’s Half Wrapped RTT
Carpy’s Owner Derreck Carapellatti (Winner D-Main)

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